Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Cheese Maze

As is evident my most recent work has been pro bono videos and installations for "Love Works". I miss "Moon" my oil painting as we have built quite a distance. And this other vibrant yellow sky that stares at me daring me to leave it just as it is or go crazy on it with mixed media. Then there's this little number above of St. Kitts created on the recent shipment of 9 x 12" Wallis paper calling over my shoulder from the easel behind me as I am tending to my CV and website. Noting it's October and I'd not added any exhibits from 2008, and I've been busy! In just looking at my revised list on my website bio page I see how many shows I have had in 2008 compared to when I was at Gallery First in 2007. A completely different business moving from a stationary storefront to expanding my territory in Florida to Connecticut and California. In mulling over marketing and staying on task I overheard someone close to me say "This is the market." Now is the market. Why are we waiting for the market to change. It is what it is. Acceptance or my classic favorite "Who Moved My Cheese? " by Spencer Johnson Parnters. I am assessing goals, giving myself permission to create freely, and making lists to meet my deadlines for upcoming exhibit entries. BTW on topic, if you are not following Sue Smith yet, take a few moments to read her "Advice to the Advice Junkie".


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi robin
what a great post. you are so inspiring and just a wealth of ideas and information.

Arija said...

Love the painting Robin,you sound up to your eyeballs in work. Isn't it hard to be working at the computer while your paints are singing to you from th corner?

Robin Maria Pedrero said...


Yes! And you worded that beautifully. I finished sending my feedblitz then put on my glove and finished a piece of art that has been transitioning for a few months.


You are too kind. It is my turn to take lessons from you. Watch things are going to change around here.