Friday, October 17, 2008

LOVE definately WORKS

Artist Martha Lent and friend came out to see "Love Works" meeting up with me and Christine Peloquin (in front of her art while mine is the bright sky to the left behind us). It felt like five hundred people or more in the City Arts Factory. I mingled, capturing images on cameras all evening. I know I have shared my to do list of videos to make and this event is added to the list as a priority. I tried my best to sleep afterwards but it was so exciting and I am creating in my mind for another show while lying awake in bed so I am up and about at 3:30 am. A delightful surprise of the evening was when Love Works gallery director Matthew Flores proposed to Noel! Today I am spending the day at a Women Artists retreat at the studio of Love Works' artist Phyllis Thomas. Speaking of women artists Alyson Stanfield found this gem "Who does she think she is" on twitter.

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Terry said...

Thanks for blogging and the photos. I'm eager to get photos at my home eddress.