Monday, October 06, 2008

Sharing Abundance

It's not a secret that I prefer mowing the lawn to cleaning my house. I smile when I say these hands were meant to create not clean. I admit I have pieces of my artwork since 4th grade, home movies, photos, record albums, odd keys, screws, unmatched baskets of get the picture. Oddly I do not like clutter and luckily I don't have many closets to stuff . My inherited defense is it just does not make sense to me to throw away valuable items. Inspired by Joel Hunter's sermon "Building a generous life" on Sunday at Northland, I contacted Am Vets, Salvation Army, and Sharing Center about my items. Today while my house was being cleaned I asked and there was a need, so together we will load a couch, two bedroom sets, with dressers, mirrors, computer screen, lamps and other household items in my truck to their next home. Throughout my life the generosity of other people has met my practical needs. I have been blessed and I feel blessed to be allowed to share my abundance. On Twitter I follow Barbe Saint John and liked her Marketing Monday picture and post. Unlike her I enjoy computer time, in tune with her I began to get organized again today, and will have more space to utilize for my flourishing business. I will continue to keep myself in check of keeping, in her words "too much inspiration". Above is "Wine Country" on exhibition at Steinway Gallery in Altamonte Springs Florida which opens this Thursday October 9 from 6 - 8 pm. Could you guess I am out of Sennelier Red, bummer that Pearls closed in Altamonte.


Anonymous said...

G U R~ quick I was at that service too. I have an overflow of blessings that need to be organized into boxes. Inspiration is evrywhere.


Odd Chick said...

Hi Robin
I left you an award on my blog - I know it is a little trouble for you but I wanted everyone to see your wonderful art.

Robin Maria Pedrero said...


Pine Pod Farm said...

Pretty picture, my Mom is an Artist and has been an Art Teacher as well as well as teach at the school for the deaf.