Monday, November 03, 2008

Balance and Serenity

Holidays pull most of us in many directions. It does me! My family has more than three birthdays each month till January! I host Thanksgiving at my home every year with 15 - 20 people. I am feeling like pulled taffy already. We are at the half way point of finishing our youngest teenager's remodeled room as her gift for next week. I had an unforgettable Halloween as I assisted moving my UCF freshman daughter from one house to another. I made the decision to be a Pesca Vegetarian last March, after listening to "Skinny B" girls Rory and Kim on my Ipod during my flight home from Italy then bought their book while on lay over at JFK. I am recently inspired to eat raw by comments on Twitter, Stephen Hopson on his Adversity University blog, the VEG FEST, and my need to be healthy. Raw food eating is interestingly creative. It also awakens my mind and gives me more energy. In fact after moving my daughter the next morning I got up and jogged a mile for the first time in years! I want to become one of those kind of people. Here in my studio I am surrounded by framed art I just took down from the Steinway Gallery and works in progress. I am checking my lists and calendar;I have a show to judge this week, three show entries, a lecture, a multitude of openings I wish to attend and two shows to take down and pick up next week. There's more but no sense in sharing every little detail. I am breathing in deeply appreciating an email from my friend and writer Barbara Fulghum- Clemmons where she shared the "Finding Joy Movie". In a few moments my paradigm renewed as I dwelt on Norman Vincent Peale's words "Change your thoughts change the world." And approach the holidays with "The heart that gives gathers" by Marianne Moore. I am filled with gratitude. I am blessed with friends, family, health, and a good life. Thank YOU too for sharing in my world. What blessings are filling your world?
Above is "Standing in Awe" featured as a $10.00 matted reproduction in my Etsy Shop. The original 24" x 18" image created in pastel is also available, framed or unframed.


Anonymous said...

Robin from the first time we met you and you precious girls radiated color as does your work.
I look forward to each of your newest visions

Barbara Fulghum-Clemmons

Marionette said...

I love your clouds! The way you blend the colors - so beautiful!!!


Manon Doyle said...

Another beautiful piece!
I know just how you feel about this time of year.... it can be very overwhelming!
I don't eat meat but I eat fish..... I feel much better this way. Good luck with the raw diet. I know a guy that eats this way and he says it can be a little challenging but worth it.

Robin Maria Pedrero said...

Manon, Yes you are a PESCA vegetarian then too! I am not going all raw just more raw. Thank you for your compassion over my feelings of being overwhelmed and for your compliment.

Peggi Habets said...

Oh my gosh, no wonder you are feeling pulled! You have more on your plate than Barrack Obama, girl. Your ability to see what you have gratitude for, even in the midst of so much going on, is wonderful. Beautiful landscape!

Odd Chick said...

I was so inspired by your posts that I bought the book, Skinny B for my IPOD and listened to it yesterday and today on my walk. I could have done without the filthy language, but it was a very informative book. I too have been drawn toward more healthy eating, maybe even going vegan... I'm leaning into it... as Oprah suggested.

Robin Maria Pedrero said...

My Dear Odd Chick,

Yes I so agree about the language. Even Ellen asked why such strong language while they were guests on her show. I really should have put a warning with my post. Despite the language they really moved me into the reality of what I was consuming and doing for my health.I never expected to be inspirational in my food habits! Art yes but eating habits now that's a new one! Another site I use is LIVESTRONG with Lance Armstrong. I use the Daily Plate. A little work at first but well worth it! OH and FREE.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi robin!
guess what i got today? the most gorgeous print ever. what a wonderful gift on such an exciting day!
thank you so much!

gel said...

Compelling, gorgeous clouds!
Skyscapes and trees are my favorites to paint and see painted by others. I looked down to your other posts since I haven't stopped by in a while and I see other energetic lovely work. Those reds below! Hmm!

I read your marketing approaches. You are a bundle of energy and talent.

Nancy Moskovitz said...

Robin, that's a gorgeous sky.

I admire your well thought out and lengthy blog. When I'm overwhelmed, I get rather cryptic. In fact today, I linked everyone to Robert Genn's letter. Alyson also wrote one that expressed my feelings on politics on the art blog. Bet you read it.