Friday, November 07, 2008

Fall at the Falls

I was able to take advantage of an impromptu trip to Greenville South Carolina.I was attracted to the wonderful natural and man made gardens of Falls Park on the Reedy. When we pulled into the Hyatt I saw the Art Systems van from near my home in Florida, where I buy art supplies. There was an art educators convention, I kept hoping to somehow get one of their goodie bags. I visited Christopher Park Gallery who was listed in Southern Living, Liz Daly Designs, the Artists Guild Gallery of Greenville, and several others. Although only two floors were open at the Greenville County Museum viewing the exhibits amplified thoughts that have already been on many American's minds. Bruce Davidson: Time of Change—Photographs from the Civil Rights Movement, documents an era dating from before and during my early childhood. Some images made a knot in my stomach. I thought the curator had a sense of humor in the placement of the Jasper Johns and Andrew Wyeth pieces as he made a thematic comparison; a target by Johns next to a Wyeth moose. As an art collector I spied some works by folk artists, emerging artists and professionals to place on my list. The gallery that I would like to feature my work is not in the downtown area, and hopefully we will talk more about that in the future. Yes I plan to return, I like it there! I was photographed while working on some quick oil pastels in my moleskin book.
This link shows the video that failed on You Tube.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for sharing your trip! You are so quick making that video, you just got home? I am up for an artist date there. Looks like my kind of place too.

Gail (from va)

Anonymous said...

Nice video to get the feel of it. I miss autumn here in fl too. I like your birds. I saw large ones on Etsy. Are these small ones available or only in pictures?


ArtSnark said...

Sounds like a great trip! For some reason I get the message that the video is no longer available. Thanks for the links - I really enjoyed poking around the Gallery

Robin Maria Pedrero said...

The video was for some unknown reason removed by You Tube. Believe me there was no reason for thst so I have no clue but found I was not the only one this has happened to so I am loading it on to my facebook.

Chris Price said...

So happy your trip to Greenville was a success, Robin! It is a nice area to visit. On the teachers' conference, I have a friend who attended it and from what I understand it is an annual event where the teachers exhibit their work, learn new teaching methods, have a trade show and also gain insights from regional professional artists.

Manon Doyle said...

Sounds like Greenville is a lovely place. Thanks for sharing!