Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Feelin' Peachy

Inspired by the peach that had

been rippening on my kitchen

counter, I could no longer resist

my urge to depict it in pastel.

I began on white Wallis Professional

Grade Archival Sanded Pastel cardstock.

My pastel drawings all begin

directly using color.

A quick sketch.
Then blocking in color.

I am striving to capture

the peach in juicy color.

I like the abstract

design of the shadow.

I rub the color into the paper.

I notice the paper mimicks the soft peach skin.

I build layers. I want the background

light and creamy... peaches and cream.

I signed it. Then ......I ate it.

"Feelin' Peachy" 9" x 12" pastel by RobinMaria Pedrero


Manon Doyle said...

Thanks for sharing your process Robin! I've only dabbled in pastels! Your work with pastels is just beautiful! The peach looks good enough to eat..... I'm glad you did!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

what a wonderful post robin!
i love your peach and watching it come to life!

Megan Wolfe said...

Is it cheezy to say "sweet!" about a drawing of a peach? :) Enjoyed the step by step! I bet he was a yummy peach.

Annette Marie Hyder said...

Delightful, Robin.

Natalie said...

Watching it step by step is great. I'm enjoying your blog.