Monday, November 10, 2008

New 2009 Calendar of Visual Journey

I was shopping for my daughter's room (yes I am still working on remodeling) and came across some lovely calendars. It's that time of year to flip through potential calendars for 2009. It occur ed to me that I could create one with my artwork. I googled some services and decided to use Lulu because it is a POD. Print on demand. I am keeping options open for other sources. I am a professional working artist and would like to make a profit yet based on market prices for calendars I could not see charging thirty dollars to make a few bucks. I rounded the cost up slightly less than a dollar from the Lulu printing fee and will just donate that to charity. I am very pleased with the ease of the Lulu site and the printed products. I have colorful emotive landscapes for each month in my calendar. You can preview it here Visual Journey Calendar on Lulu

Max, my shui tzu is not on the calendar. Perhaps he deserves his own! He is just here to bring joy.


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi robin!
your calendar is gorgeous. i love lulu. i make all of my books and calendars there too.

max is so cute! please give him a hug for me!

have a great day!

Robin Maria Pedrero said...

That's good to know that you use lulu too. I am asked often who to use and this is good to pass on.

Poor Max is foaming at the mouth after an encounter with a lizard...I'll wait on the hug for the poor boy.