Monday, November 17, 2008

She who stirs the soul

Social network media with various shop networking has broadened my circle or as I most recently call it tribe. I entertain myself in mental notes about the paths. Paths leading to friendships, collaborations, sales and new paths. I seek out emerging artists of every medium. Last night I favorited a geolocated sale on Etsy. Just before midnight to my surprise she bought work from me! This morning on 1000markets I received a positive comment on my work from Julie Shiel, a photographer. Her avatar intrigued me, with a click of her name I was transported to her world where instantly she stirred my soul.

I like to find the beauty in their decay. I have said it before and I will
again; These places have a soul. How can they not? Some of these places have
stood for hundreds of years and seen innumerable patients go through. I like the
peeling paint, the soft snow of crumbling walls. I like the mold growing over
things, and the vines covering everything, slowly but insistently prying apart
what man has made. I like to see the things left behind when the doors were
closed, and the detritus of patients who lived and perhaps died in these places.
They are sometimes sad, but they are almost always beautiful. I think the
frustrated archaeologist in me takes comfort in documenting these places before
they are eventually torn down.
I enjoy being a part of 1000 markets. It is a new venue. It is classy, with a nice format and a jury process. My shop is

The work above was created two years ago for Arts Worship Sabbath, fittingly called "He Stirs My Soul" a 24" x 18" mixed media by me, Robin Maria Pedrero. Why yes of course it is for sale!


Julie said...

Wonderful blog from an amazing artist! Thanks so much for your kind comments and for featuring my work!


joannaphotography said...

It's beautiful blog.

Also- Julie's photography definitely can "stir the soul"

mkcphotography said...

I'm so glad you found Julie - she's an amazing artist!

Manon Doyle said...

WOW! What a beautiful blog! Julie's photography is amazing!
I went to your 1000 markets shop.... it's awesome!

Robin Maria Pedrero said...

Thanks all...and Julie for sharing!