Friday, December 12, 2008


It seems a crazy time to rearrange my studio during the holiday and our family birthday season but it gives me clarity. I do this every few months. Assessment via de-cluttering and a fresh new space. I created the piece in the top photo before I started my studio rearrangement. I've been working outside quite a bit then the rains came which kept me in the studio where I realized the last rearrangement combined with the added work from taking down two shows just wasn't working for me. In my process I create a work then it goes to my wall. Pastels are usually on paper, the one above is on Wallis, so the works easily tape to the wall, occasionally I will tack them but I don't like the holes left in the corners of the paper. The bottom picture shows a studio corner in the midst of transition; 3 and 4 foot framed art now moved to the natural light darkest corner in the studio, above some recent pieces tapped to the wall, you can catch my oil Moon peeking from the other side of the studio. I may not get a whole lot more accomplished in here as I have a family event filled weekend, Christmas preparations, kids in Christmas shows, AND my daughter is taking me to the NUTCRACKER at the Bob Carr!


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi robin
i love cleaning and rearranging too. it relaxes me.
i love seeing your space.
:) melissa

Bonnie Samuel Designs said...

There comes a point when one must clean up just to have space to work! Well, Robin, you've inspired me to do the monthly clean-up and take a picture too. It really is fun to see others' studios and creative spaces.

Manon Doyle said...

I just cleaned my studio las! I feels so good after having months of glass in it! Thanks for sharing your clean space!