Saturday, December 13, 2008

Making that list checking it twice

What's with the pretty girl in the Betsey Johnson dress ? That's my daughter showing me what she is wearing when she takes me to "The Nutcracker". Perhaps you thought this would be about your Christmas list? I want to share about list making. An important issue for those of us who make lists and encourage the beneficial habit, yet post a warning label. Lists are not to make us go crazy adding every little thing we could possibly do. For me as an artist possibly leaving me without R & D. What's R & D? First please go to this post "To Do or Not To Do" by Deborah Paris, where you can also see her strong yet soothing landscapes. I am a fan stopping in whenever I am in town at her listed M Gallery in Sarasota FL. Ok so now that you have read her post I will continue to say I believe one of the most important aspects of creating the work is not only the goals on your list but the process of creation. Deborah spoke to me of my core method when she said

"This means for me, lots of reading, thinking, looking at and noticing
things, and most importantly, just painting. I allow myself to wander
around, both outside and in the studio, "

Deborah's post in my inbox today is a serendipitous affirmation. For me whether in a list or a mental note, my every day must have time for me. I am not talking pedicures, or my favorite tv shows. I crave the alone time for research and development which is the heart and core that fills the well to create. I am guilty of busying myself and suffer the loss of that vital element when I fail to give myself the gift of time, to be in the moment. I believe it is part of my job as an artist to show people what in their busy day to day lives they might be missing. How can I if I am missing it too? We as artists "see" because we take the time to look and to be. When making that list I stay aware of my preferences in the creative spectrum which Bill Weaver discusses in the ARTISTScenter. I am checking it twice for balance, prioritizing, streamlining and if I must schedule, I will list hours to just be. Peace be with you.


Manon Doyle said...

Great post Robin! I read Deborah's post and very much believe in R & D. Sometimes I'm very guilty of too many lists and not enough me time. Thanks for the reminder!!!
BTW.... your daughter is so lovely....and that dress....stunning!

Deborah Paris said...

Thanks very much for the mention Robin!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi robin!
what a great post! your daughter is beautiful. i love that photo.
have a wonderful weekend!

bwphoto said...

Great post Robin and thanks for the reference...lists have always been a challenge, especially as I get older. The secret is to always remember where you put the list!!! Which is why I could never use them.

"I believe it is part of my job as an artist to show people what in their busy day to day lives they might be missing." I love really pin points our role as artists we are the eyes that reflect the world only through our filter. By having many filters reflecting the same world an amazing amount of diverse insight can add riches to our lives.

BTW you don't seem old enough to have a daughter that old!!!