Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Ruffled feathers

It is sad but true that one needs to have thick skin as an artist. One less than favoritive moment can put a little limp in my step. Affirmations are just so important. I am here tempted to post a piece that I was reserving for a competition thinking why bother, but I hang on, believing the work is good and I have a few months before I even need to submit it. So you don't get to see my new nude that I created yesterday. I am going to post some good things for me to dwell on instead.

  1. Today I made my first treasury on Etsy it is there for 2 days the VAST TEAM members and visitors are enjoying it!
  2. The above piece "St. Kitts Row Boat" is now in my 1000 markets shop One of the directors of 1000 markets invited me to be in a market called Gallery 11. Ironical once upon a time I had a web gallery called Gallery11eleven! Too funny!
  3. The cards I ordered from Cafe Press were shipped early! I already got my plastic sleeves.
  4. The above mentioned nude...I LOVE IT!
  5. I bought a piece of art on ETSY and it is on its way to my house!
  6. My mile walk with Max was wonderful, although there was frost this morning the weather in Florida during December is like autumn in the north east.
  7. My work arrived safely at Celebrations Gallery in CT and it goes up today!
  8. I found 2 new groups to help me in my vegetarian and raw food journey.
  9. I received a payment for a piece on lay away from a collector this week.
  10. I know my friends and blogging community will read this and it makes me smile. Thanks for being here!


Arija said...

Hang in there Maria, your work IS good. Artists are delicate souls, beset by many self doubts anyway. It is hard enough to make a living from your art without the demon of rejection. Whatever anyone else may say, you are you, there ever was and will be just this unique person with this particular combination of talent. You are an artist and your work is a valid statement of your feelings - for those who do not understand your particular magic, well, the world is made up of all kinds of people and not all have been given eyes to see or a soul that perceives.
Hugs, Arija.

Manon Doyle said...

Yes, yes, focus on your affirmations! This is a wonderful list.... lots of great things to focus on!
"St. Kitts Row Boat" is gorgeous!

Sylvie Van Hulle said...

Your list is wonderful, beautiful, and your work is very good! Believe in yourself and keep painting from your heart!

Robin Maria Pedrero said...

Thank you all for sending your beautiful thoughts and words.

Azure Islands Designs said...

I know absolutely nothing about art, but I do know what I enjoy looking at, what moves me and I do enjoy your pieces...I particularly like St. Kitts Row Boat...the way I see it is I can't please everyone, so I'm happy for those I do please!! Those we don't please see differently...not better just differently!!!!!


Peggi Habets said...

I anticipate the unveiling of your new painting! So true about focusing on all those positives in our lives. I guess we wouldn't even appreciate them though if we didn't have the hard times to compare them to. You made a great list.