Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Yeah baby!!! High five blog style! I posted my goals before noon and had a warm response with great ideas and support all day. At 5 pm. I got a Museum exhibition acceptance notice! My work will be in the exhibition at the Museum of Florida Art titled "Chrome and Leather."

You might be thinking hey what did this landscape artist create for a show with that title? I pondered it for months, up at night making projects in my head, and devising mechanical chrome and leather connections for my imagined work. There was a time when a Harley Wide Glide affectionately named Wilma G was the bike taking me to and fro till she met with a car. I flew over the car way over on to the other side of the road and was left with a crack in my pelvis. The exhibit tag line is "Art on the Road of Good and Evil" and my focus is on the GOOD. My favorite aspects on a motorcycle is the nature that surrounds me on the ride. I did not need to concoct a new style or work as I imagined but sincerely show the joys of riding in the wind.

"The best part about riding in Florida is experiencing the wild life in more
ways than one. Flying through glorious natural wonders, I feel the
sun shining on me, hear the birds, sometimes the bike's sound and movement make
them burst into flight. The impact by a bee who hangs from my face is not so
pleasant, but when the wind calls.... you ride! "

"Many the Miles" 20" x 16" pastel by Robin Maria Pedrero

I feel this piece epitomizes my beliefs while depicting Florida full of life and energy. I am filled with gratitude in all things, oddly even the UGH of the storage device.


janabouc said...

Wow! Fabulous painting! Congratulations on the museum show too! I used to have a motorcycle too. The best thing that ever happened to me with the bike was that it got stolen which I'm sure saved my life! I lived near the beach in L.A. then and used to ride in my bathing suit without a helmet along the Pacific Coast Highway.

afiori said...

That is so exciting!!!
I'm about to take some time and reflect on my goals, then write them down or draw them. I just need to really think about them, I'm slightly torn between things and fear I do too many different things. Not enough focus on what's most important.

I learnt a while back I need to be specific when writing goals - mine was to get a book published but when I got super fast response from publishers they wanted me to change every single thing in the book and I ended up taking it back.

I think your goals are much more specific than mine was. Inspiring!!!

Manon Doyle said...

Congrats Robin! That is so wonderful and might I add you deserve it!
I bought Alyson's book a couple of months ago so I now have time to go through it. I have to start writing down my goals instead of thinking about them!!

Martha Marshall said...

Robin that is just fabulous!! Love the painting and how your thought process came up with that solution. Congratulations!

Peggi Habets said...

Congrats, Robin. Sounds like your good intentions paid off. Wonderful painting!

Daniel Sroka said...

Congratulations Robin!

Robin Maria Pedrero said...

I am so blessed to have all of you! Your being here means the world to me! Thank you.

Vita said...

Congratulations Robin!
this is great news.
And the painting is beyond beautiful!

Linda Blondheim said...

I'm so happy for you Robin. You deserve all the best.

Ana Tirolese said...

This painting is beautiful. Congratulations on the show too. Whoo-Hoo!

TDOG Art said...

Hey remember JUST BELIEVE, all thing s are possible. God Bless. I'm happy for you and awesome picture. I LOVE IT!

Michelle said...

Hi Robin,

A beautiful piece of work...as always!

Much success to you in the New Year!

Livecreations said...

Lovely Sky! I could snuggle up in those clouds :) great Art

Bonnie Sprung said...

See, this is going to be a GREAT year! Congrats.