Saturday, January 03, 2009

Peanuts and Peeps I know in the Mobile Museum

Peanut promised. One gorgeous giant golden peanut. The City of Dothan Alabama is a self proclaimed Peanut Capital of the World. Dothan's gold peanut statue sculpted by metal fabricator Larry Godwin stands at the Visitor Information Center. There was a peanut project, like the famous Cows, Horses in Ocala, Fish in New Orleans, Lizards in Orlando, Roosters in Miami...and speaking of Roosters as you know from UGH I do not have the photos to share but there is a giant silver rooster sculpture at ART WURKS.... this non photo incident led me to a cool site Roadside America, this link takes you to the Rooster page. In the truck just after leaving the Sam the Sheriff Peanut in front of Krispy Kreme in Dothan we laughed as two other tourists also took pictures with Sam. In the next town when I got out to photograph the rooster they were there too! They videoed me and I told them I'd post them on my blog. On Sunday we spent the day watching the Dolphins win over the Jets. Monday the Mobile Museum of Art! Yes it was actually open on a Monday! I can't tell you how many times I have been traveling and only had a Monday in a town and the artsy places were closed. Incredible Museum! A fabulous sculpture walk outside, interactive kinetic sculpture, then inside some great exhibits as you can discover in the link. BEST EVA moments... TWO BRACKMANS! (References in my blog from me and Gainor) THEN I came upon a Grady Kimsey! My daughter pointed and said"Hey that's the artist from the Cow exhibit you were in when I met Karen Carasik at Comma Gallery!" I was thrilled! Next floor whose sculpture do I see but my friend Cheryl Bogdanowitsch! My adored master Brackman and two fabulous works of art by artists who I also show with in Orlando Florida was topped off by a divine lunch in the museum cafe. Plan to have lunch when you go. YEAH BEST DAY EVA on the Americana Adventure!

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Gainor said...

Two Brackmans! What a lucky find!
I am very envious...your day in the museum offsets the misery with your computer! (maybe)