Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tagged by Karen Faulkner

I was tagged over ten days ago by artist Karen Faulkner whose color saturated watercolors are selling like hotcakes! I especially liked what she shared when she was tagged.
One of the most important things I've learned is that if there is something you
really want to do with your life, you must find a way to do it. Maybe you can't
do it full time or make a living at it in the beginning, but do one small thing
every single day toward making your dreams come true.

1. I promised in an earlier tag to continue listing one of my many previous occupations; undercover store security.
2. When I was twelve I explored the Kasbah in Morocco.
3. I play music repetitively when working on art. Right now my mantra song for 2009 is by Lykke Li.

Working in the corner Peeking over shoulders Waiting for my time to come Working
in the corner One day to the other Butter on my piece of bun Stepping a stone
and I'm all gone Give me the tone And i'm all gone Yeah, i'm walking by the line
Not here, but in my mind I'm working a sweat, but it's all good I'm breaking my
back but it's all good 'Cause i know i'll get it back Yeah, i know your
hands will clap And I'm working, Yeah, i'm working To make butter for my piece
of bun And if you say I'm not OK with miles to go If you say there ain't no way
that i could know If you say i aim too high from down below Well, say it now
'cause when i'm gone You'll be callin' but i won't be at the phone And i'm
hanging around 'till it's all done You can't keep me back once i had some No
wasting time to get it right And you will see what i'm about 'Cause i'm working
a sweat, but it's all good. Find More lyrics at

Everyone reads their own ideals into what they hear and this song for me is about striving for success. I like the music a lot and the video is awesome.
4. I imagine being like the artist mother in the movie "Twins", having a similar artist colony in my later years.
5. I am going to share my knowledge by having workshops in both art skills and business skills ...coming soon.
6. At the Scottish Games I waited an hour in the archery line. I hit the target once out of 6 arrows, and it felt good!


afiori said...

I really, really like reading people's facts about themselves!! Glad you replied to the tag. Or whatever it is you do to a tag.

Karen Faulkner said...

I don't do it often, but I like shooting archery too! My dad taught me when I was maybe 12 or so. Very satisfying and makes me feel like Susan in Chronicles of Narnia.
Thanks for playing along with the tag :)