Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Three places

I continue to develope this piece "Wild Orange Tree" to enter into Comma Gallery's upcoming citrus show. I am just so glad to have the Winsor & Newton spray fixative, geez they could give me royalties on talking about how much I like it! Above is the space I create in, below is the space I play on web 2.o sites, laptop open and lit up. Over the couch are two silk fish paintings by Pam Glose. I'll show you a close up in the future when I feature her as part of my art collection.

Next is a photo of some of the pieces that were brought to the art salon I mentioned. You see (R- L) My "Moon" still in progress, next "Orchid Sky" an acrylic of mine in progress, Marianna Hamilton Ross (whose long silk luminary is also in above photo next to my couch), Arlene Kartak's batik, Doris Smart, batik and little fruit ones under the shelf are resin coated pieces, far left watercolor paper basket is Susan Monde (whose work you have seen here before as I have her work in my collection), porcelain by Georgina Holt, colored pencil by Veronica Daily, and pastels by Karen Brannen. Girls if you read this and I have misrepresented please pipe in.

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purplecat said...

Love the colours in your work