Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Celebrity in the studio!

"Good things come to those who wait" crosses my mind as I reflect on meeting entrepreneur Kimberanna and musician Sean Dennison. Let's start at the beginning. Kim and I became acquainted via twitter several weeks ago. She asked to see my studio prior to interviewing me for an article on Kimberanna.com. I am ready with coffee, teas, fruits and a tidy studio at 11 am for her 1:30 appointment with me. She communicates with me via twitter and text messages of her amazing day filled with mini detours such as delivering blankets to the homeless, helping to host auditions for Orlando Star Talent, and while with professional singer Sean Dennison they were "mobbed by girls" delaying them further so at 4 pm I began to wonder if the joke was on me. She apologizes profusely saying she has a surprise for me and asks if I like music and they just had to pick up a guitar. I googled Sean and found him easily and listened to several songs, instantly falling for "I Know". This is the myspace page where you can listen too. (Be aware this link goes to myspace where if you scroll down you will see pics from people commenting leaving not much to the imagination) We spent time in my studio and quickly began sharing from the heart. One characteristic I really like about Kim is her ability to target in and call it like it is. Even in observing things like my living room decor, where visions of two beach experiences came together she blurted out South Beach meets Cape Cod, which was exactly what we did! She is keen, sharp quite fashionable and beautiful inside and out. Sean brought his own kind of magic. His celebrity doesn't hinder his genuine character from shining through. I admire his courage and strength in recovering from disabling injuries from flying off a bridge in a car. He is a songwriter and musician whose personal experiences resonate with listeners universally. First he performed "I know" right in my very own living room on my little ol' Ikea red hassock! Incredible! We spoke in depth of looking at the big picture of life, of creation, how struggles impact our lives and supernatural living. Before leaving he performed another song which he allowed me to video. What a fabulous visit - no joke!


Ronnie said...

Yep, and you apparently worked hard to get there. Thanks for sharing in your success!
You look great by the way!

Ronnie said...

Spent some time viewing your beautifully done video for Love Works. I floated from losing myself to sitting up straight in awe of the art work.

Sean Dennison said...

Hello Robin! What an enthusiastic and eloquent, not to mention sweet, recap of a wonderful visit! So glad to know it was an equally special day for you. We must do it again! :)

Sean Dennison

Kimber said...

You are just so darn sweet! It was an amazing day that magically fell together. Special moments and memories like that only happen when everything just clicks*
Thank you again for letting me peek into your world. From the moment I pulled up your profile, I was enchanted by your artwork and your outlook on life. My expectations were exceeded!