Thursday, February 05, 2009

Preview and Upcoming Events

I am just so excited about this piece! Not even framed yet I brought it in to COMMA Gallery for a sneak peak to share with the curators. It is for the future Cattle exhibit. This is one of those pieces that received a positive response from even the toughest critics, my family.

Central Florida has an effervescent flow of arts and culture events this weekend, Mount Dora Fest, Richard Colvin at the University Club, Elton Bracey at OMA, Arts Fest.... Saturday and Sunday is filled with art, dance and cultural performances at MAC. I have a new pastel in the MAC Members Exhibit.
Maitland Art Center
ArtFest Annual MAC Members Art Show
February 7-15
10am - 2pm

Germaine Marvel Building, Maitland Florida

Google alerts are great! This one popped up for me today
The Winter Park/Maitland OBSERVER
Culture worthy of your calendar
Feb. 5, 2009By Josh Garrick

"Chrome and Leather VI — A Motorcycle as Art
For those of us who want to mix a little "fun" with our culture
(admit it — we all do), there is a Fine Art Opening held each year at the Museum
of Florida Art in DeLand that has over the years also become a "legendary"
party. Up there in DeLand, where (motorcycle) life on the road is taken very
seriously, Bike Week 2009 will begin with an artistic roar with the 6th Annual
Art of Chrome & Leather exhibit, this year called "Art on the Road of Good
and Evil."

The Art of Chrome & Leather Bash, which opens this exhibit with a motorcycle theme, will be held Friday, Feb. 27, from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. at the museum. The exhibit will run through March 22. This year is special because the exhibit will feature many Central Florida artists including Doug Rhodehamel, Donna Frank, Keith Theriot, Liz Kitchens, Dan Colonna, Andrew White, Brigan Gresh, Dawn Rosendahl, Cheryl Turner, Toni Taylor, and Robin Maria Pedrero among many others. There will also be a showcase of some of the country's top bikes as painted by Florida's airbrush genius Chris Cruz. The variety of artwork shown at the Museum truly represents our country's fascination with the "life on the road," and the exhibit is suitable for families.

Why you want to go: And then there's this party! Not
only does the party open the exhibit, but it serves as the one time when the
"art crowd" gets to break out their "creative leather and black tie" and mix it
up with the bikers who descend on Central Florida at this time each year. Not
only will attendees be the first to see the exhibit, but the "Bash" will feature
art by Perego, including an action mural painting and organic light show with
live models. The Bash features live music, biker fashion, food and drink, in
addition to a live auction. Everyone is encouraged to wear their best "biker
gear." Tickets are $35. The Museum of Florida Art is located at 600 N. Woodland
Blvd. in DeLand, Fla. Regular daily admission is $3. (Sundays are free). or 386-734-4371."


Nancy Moskovitz said...

Robin, I love the drama of this piece. Great work.

nancy moskovitz said...

p.s. I don't understand the new commenting procedure. trying again.

Manon Doyle said...

It's such a great piece Robin! Beautiful work!

Linda Blondheim said...

Just wonderful Robin,
Congrats on a fine piece.

Sylvie Van Hulle said...

The colors of the clouds are amazing! Beautiful!

krystyna81 said...

I love the sky in this piece...mesmerizing! dramatic, moody, beyond beautiful!