Friday, March 27, 2009

Art and Fear

I have been teaching art and mini art business workshops individually and in small groups. Recently while working with artist Kaye Hanna in discussion of our work as artists she shared that she sees an on going thread throughout my work regardless of medium or genre. I liked hearing that from her. She graciously let me borrow a book I'd been wanting to read "Art and Fear" by David Bayless and Ted Orland. This book has become something of an underground classic, shared through word of mouth. It's one of those books like having a conversation with artist friends. Serendipitously the words pulled pieces of floating truths together for me. You who come here often share in my visual journey, my inspirations, and the work I am called to do. Thanks for being here. I appreciate that you keep coming back.

Above is a pendant necklace I created shown on a level of one of my sculpture assemblages. The pendant and more of the unfinished sculpture views can be seen here in my Etsy shop.


Maria-Thérèse said...

mini art business workshops? Wow - is there anything you can't do?!?
I'm reallly glad I found you out here in the air,

♥ maria-thérèse

Robin Maria Pedrero said...

You are so kind!

Kaye Hanna said...

Besides being an accomplished artist, she knows one heck of a lot and shares it freely. Looking forward to my next workshop!

Watercolorist said...

The pendant is beautiful. As always, I love the colors you use. You certainly have a definitive style. Wish I was at that point with my art.

Manon Doyle said...

Your pendant is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the book!