Friday, March 20, 2009

Art on the Road of Good and Evil

During Josh Garrick's curatorial art talk at the Museum of Florida Art in DeLand for Chrome and Leather, Art on the Road of Good and Evil I became acutely aware that my work is exhibited in quite fine company. Camera legend Terry O’Neill has been capturing the world’s royals, celebrities, models and politicians for almost 50 years. His life sized piece is of Martha Stewart seen astride a motorcycle. Renowned airbrush bike artist Chris Cruz's creations are on actual motorcycles and part of the exhibit. There were art installations, visual and performance art, conceptual and interactive pieces. Garrick spoke of the internationally acclaimed artists and local artists selected, sharing stories behind the work and the artists. I was honored when he came to my work and I was in the moment and can retell a particular part of what he said, "of Art on the Road of Good and Evil this is THE GOOD."

Curator’s statement
The Art of Chrome and Leather 2009

"The fact that you are viewing original works by over 50 artists – over half of whom are women – speaks volumes about our country’s fascination with ‘life on the road.’ Almost every work of art in the Museum today was created specifically for this exhibit – a tribute to these magnificent machines and the people who ride them. ....This exhibit is about shared joy – joy in the ‘life on the road,’ and the joy of creating images that help us see that life in a new, more personal way."

The exhibit at The Museum of Florida Art concludes March 22, 2009.
"Many the Miles" pastel by Robin Maria Pedrero in Art on the Road of Good and Evil


krystyna81 said...

this is a wonderful piece - and I love the comment "this is the GOOD" - sometimes that just sums it all up! Beautiful work and congrats on being part of what sounds like a great show!

Helen Harris said...

well deserved praise for fine work.

Manon Doyle said...

That fine company you're in should be honored to be featured with you!! Your work is amazing and you deserve it! Congrats!

Bonnie Sprung said...

I love the sun shining thru those clouds. Beautiful piece.