Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Feature on The Artists Center

I am honored to be featured as an example in Marketing Monday on The Artists Center! The recognition comes full circle as I gain insight and information from Bill Weaver regularly through his blog, facebook and twitter, which I utilize as tools in my business. I receive his blog in my email so I won't miss a post. I offer that option here for my blog via feedblitz. Check out his recent Marketing Monday post
Bill, the above piece on the table is one you had seen in progress
and asked to see when finished. Thank you for all you do!

Perhaps you haven't heard yet. I teach Mini Art Business Workshops locally dubbed "Robin's Rose Colored Classes". Here's what local artists received:
MINI ART BUSINESS WORKSHOPS - "Robin's Rose Colored Classes"
designed specifically for the artists who attend. I enjoy to see people succeed. I have given art business workshops alongside with art skills workshops and take great joy in helping others accomplish their goals. I receive inquiries regarding the business of art often and thought this would be a good way to share some of my secrets.

Have you been floundering around the Internet wondering where and how to expand your territory? Do you have the resources you need at your finger tips?
Just who is the boss? Are you in charge of your art business?
Have you participated in an in depth workshop and returned home enlightened but overwhelmed?

Perhaps it is time to take action and move your art business forward in practiced and proven methods with individual guidance in a small group setting.

Prerequisites before calling: You must be able to use a computer and have access to one. You need to have a courageous open mind. No whining.

Call now to discuss your options and reserve your spot for a morning or evening mini workshop, flexible dates based on attendants 407- 312- 8649,
$25 fee for 2 hours
Present classes filling in March next week Monday and Wednesday 10 - 12, Friday April 3, 1 - 3
Advanced classes being scheduled.

I recently had the pleasure of attending one of Robin's Mini Art Business Workshops and enjoyed it very much; for it not only opened my eyes to what I could be doing immediately, with things I already have, it also sparked many new ideas and a renewed eagerness to get started on them. A wealth of resources await, so don't hesitate! Wherever you are on your creative journey, I enthusiastically recommend "Robin's Rose Colored Classes" as an integral part of your artistic process.
All the best,
Megan Paquette


Kathy said...


Now I know why you and I are meant to work together. We're both art AND business people!

Robin Maria Pedrero said...

Hey Kathy! I am looking forward to working with you!