Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Masked art collector

The face of my art collector is masked shown here in my home studio this week. The last time I saw her is when I delivered work to one of her condos. She scheduled an appointment with me to buy a copy of my book, spend time together and see my new work before she moves out west. I have been reflecting on how I adore my friendships with my collectors. I often try to analyze seeking common threads among them yet I find them all to be so unique, interesting individuals and couples. This collector shared her deductions on the art market from research in the Wall Street journal and Sothebys. She, just like you, has watched my body of work evolve. She has seven Pedrero pieces and purchased gift pieces over the course of seven years. They vary in size, subject and style. Her acquisitions have always surprised me. If I were to profile attraction or prequalify a potential collector through a filter of a particular style it would be my loss to assume even if I know their taste. I write these words to myself for advice as with the exception of portraits I travel into a less representational world. The faces of my collectors are masked as more of my sales happen here online, there aren't always profile pictures! Yet the stories continue of what about my art they desired, that pulled on their heart strings and they clicked buy. There is such contentment in the transaction for both buyer and seller. Which reminds me there's another story to my next post.

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LisaBongZee ~ Island Dream Life said...

She has such a friendly face!!