Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Part II My Visit to Celebrations Gallery

I have a promo in my video description; I offer to send a gift to anyone who takes their picture at Celebrations Gallery and sends it and their contact info to me, by December 2009. The gallery has new works arriving regularly so Celebrations is always changing. One can savor the historic Victorian architecture and ambiance while the the art expands to all styles, contemporary, realistic, abstract, whimsical, florals, landscapes, decorative, jewelry, textiles, and collage. Jean and Jackie shared gallery plans in progress over some delicious Queen Catherine tea and wonderful chocolate biscuits. I can't wait to experience the new additions in all their whimsy and aromas, but I won't say more. Did you know Jean actually creates a flower bed, IN A BED! Even your purchase is decked out in contemporary bags, tissues, ribbons and wrappings to have tickled both Dr. Seuss and Martha Stewart. The pamplets and guides they gave me provided me with many additional places to visit in their "Quiet Corner". You won't leave there empty handed!
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1 comment:

Karen McLain said...

I really like the U Tube, what a nice way to show off your work and the gallery. Makes me want ot go take a look!