Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Seeing yellow

When I was a child I took a single branch of forthysia and stuck it in the ground to grow. The branch grew to a huge bush up higher than the window. It is trimmed but it is there to this day. My mother wanted another so I did the same thing on this side of the porch and here it is today flourishing brightly. I adore them so much I just might paint yellow when I go to my Florida studio. That must be why I keep envisioning pushing yellow pigment with my fingers.

I notice my favorite flowers, the irises are coming up. There are tiny wild rose bushes, wild onions, rhubarb, mint, lilies, and even delicate strawberries found on the edge of the yard. I enjoy the flowering trees when I go for a walk. I notice there are more fences where once there were none. There are so many birds here! The robins are everywhere. And rocks, like the one in my pocket, but giant ones to climb on. The world is my playground.

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Arija said...

Most gardeners have green fingers, yours are pure gold.

Robin Maria Pedrero said...

Now that was a compliment I will never forget!