Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bliss and Magic

To the right through my north light window, outside on the corner of my rooftop quietly sits a dove. To the left through the west window a mockingbird spies me. We lock eyes. I grab my camera to take multiple records of the image. Maybe I capture one decent frame to use as a reference. Such is a normal day in the realm of my studio listening to music, taking care of business and creating in a multitude of ways. The experience inspired the above work. I enjoyed creating the chickadee, an adorable plump little bird peeking at an apple on the window sill. I've more to tell on this particular piece and will give you a straight on look next post. First I must share how there occurs every so often moments of pure bliss and it's like a magic creative wave. When it comes I move into bringing forth creations. Like this pastel here...

A 12" X 9" piece created using soft pastel, still yet to be titled.
~~~~Catch the creative wave~~~

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Julie-ann said...

I am speechless, this is such a beatiful painting, I want to be right there in the moment.

DawnCorrespondence said...

I absolutely LOVE the bird painting!! Gorgeous! Great work, Robin.