Friday, August 21, 2009

Large Vibrant 8 x 10 prints

I am so excited at how incredible these prints have turned out! I am adding more of my art images in the new size almost everyday to Etsy, so there's more in my Etsy shop. They are $20 each. The 8 x 10 image is printed on 8.5" x 11" 74lb Ultra Premium Photo Paper with Vivera HP Inks.

Most are in my Etsy Shop which is easy to use and takes paypal. I also have a 1000 markets shop which is simple to make purchases and payments are via Amazon.
Speaking of Amazon, did you know AMAZON has a Universal WISH LIST? This link takes you to the page to get a button to place in your toolbar. I was inspired to find a source for this when someone wanted to put these prints on her birthday and holiday wish list. I added my first wish item to my personal wish list....who would have guessed it is art!
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LisaBongZee ~ Island Dream Life said...

That wish list sounds like a great idea! Your prints are wonderful too. Love all the COLOR!!!

Poetic Artist said...

These prints look great even on the computer..Thanks for the info about the wish list.
Have a good weekend