Saturday, August 15, 2009

Wet Sale

I had a wonderful week! A friend from years ago found via our daughters on facebook came to visit. There's always something to see at my house! My art and the art I've collected. We had a delightful flavorful lunch of middle eastern Persian food at Ali Babas. Although she no longer has the horses she has my artwork depicting one of them still in her home.

I designed an appreciation gift for another one of my collectors which included one of the pieces she had previously purchased and two other pastels from the series. She adored it! I am so pleased! I have made the mug available to the public for purchase on cafe press.

I discovered my collector had spent quite a bit of time perusing my art online as she already had favorites in mind when she walked in. She was the first to see the new oils I've been working on. It was such a pleasure to spend time with her. There are common bonds in who we are that are made evident in her attraction to specific pieces of my art. I enjoy getting to know her. I was also impressed with how she pulled my pieces into groupings. It struck me how her selections of the pastels, the oils and the new acrylics all worked so lovely together. She narrowed it down to 5 pieces and went home with "Allegro" and the above oil walked out wet!

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Dee said...

that's awesome Robin, sounds like a great week with a huge fan! congratulations!!