Thursday, September 10, 2009

Duke Gardens and Shear Madness

The Sarah P. Duke Gardens at Duke University in Durham North Carolina is a vast enchanting experience. I snapped a handful of plant and flower closeups which I plan to refer to in upcoming works of art. I recommend a nice long walk there, even a picnic!
Spending the labor day weekend in Charleston I saw "Shear Madness" their longest running show...and I can see why it was a hoot!

It was exciting to see the street next to my hotel closed and see this! At my first India Festival experience I listened to exotic voices and music while I watched lovely dancers and the crowd as my son called it doing "Indie slide dancing". I've enjoyed typical foods from India yet this was the perfect opportunity to try something new. After going up and down the street I selected a food tent where the young woman was friendly and eager to explain more of the ingredients, which I always check. I had a dish of puffed rice, (yes like breakfast cereal) As she prepared and asked what I liked I said easy on that cilantro and always yes to the tamarind sauce after having been to St.Kitts where I went up into the jungle on a tour where we picked it from the trees and tasted it in tea and some sweets they'd prepared. Based on my memory and trying to find the name from the menu I went back and grabbed it is a varied form of Bhel, a dish which everyone makes a little different. The puffed rice was warmed by the sauce, it was good, interesting enough to seek out and try again.
Thanks for joing me on my journey!

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phyl said...

Great memories, Robin. Thanks for posting this. Can't wait to finish my ACEO/ATC and send them out to each. The day was perfect!