Monday, November 16, 2009

You too can have a pocket full of colors

You too can have a pocket full of colors....with my new Mini Pouches!
Listed for the first time in my etsy shop



Oh, you are so smart!

I need to stir up my production level, and fast. I just found my already neglected etsy shop empty yesterday. Yikes!

audrey said...

Hi Robin.
It was nice to see you become a follower on my blog. Sorry it has taken me a while before I got over here to visit your blog.
Your art is really good. I love how you use a lot of color in most everything. These new little pouches are very colorful and useful.
The Maitland Arts Center sounds wonderful, Robin. If I get to central FL sometime, I will have to stop there.
Looking forward to seeing your future creations.
I am off to visit your Etsy shop now! (: