Thursday, December 31, 2009

Action, Accountability and All righty now

The last day of the year! Accountability time. I look at the last year's goal list, wondering at this moment why I haven't looked at it much this year, which seems silly to not have. (first on next year's list post goals in studio) Deep breath, slowly releasing......... here we go..

1. Apply for Museum shows
YES!! I've work in The Lake Eustis Museum Paper Works 4 Me and now in their permanent collection! Work at the Museum of Florida Art for Art on the Road of Good and Evil.
And my work is in the Museum gift shops at The Orlando Museum of Art, The Maitland Art Center, and Florida Museum of Art.

2. Maintain present Galleries
YES! Celebrations Gallery, CT
Galeria Tonatazin, CA
Juxtapose Gallery, NJ
Wolfe Gallery, FL

3. Expand to new territory in other states
YES! I am shipping art across the country and to Canada.

4. Exhibit at more Galleries in Florida - note to self get out and DRIVE
YES! Pleased to say I have work in these Galleries and Museums
Gallery 17.92, FL
Maitland Art Center Gift Shop
Neu America Gallery, FL
Orlando Museum of Art Gift Shop
Wolfe Gallery, FL

Framing 508, FL

5. Create and document 60 new pieces of work (for sale not counting studies)
20 - 16 x 20, 18 x 24 range
10 - LARGE 30 plus size
30 - small

I created a lot of work, however not 10 large pieces. More than 30 small pieces. Probably about half the goal for mid sized work. I databased most of it, especially if it was sold, but I still have not kept up with it well enough. My database lists 150 pieces for 2009, but I also have some prints in the database, so that is not an accurate account. (Note to self)

6. Market early work online and in products
Yes, I sold prints, cards and mugs.

7. Prepare EARLY for the Holidays and Promotions
Yes, and I am getting better at this, already produced and selling Valentines works.

8. Organize data - which includes a back up system and clarifying of images etc.
ERRR - I feel all over the place with this one but YES I have back ups, but it is everywhere, online, discs and other computers, so it is backed up but not very organized.

9. Online Venues - I have specific sales goals at Etsy and 1000 markets
lol I must laugh at myself as I don't know what my specifics were! Sold very few items on 1000 markets. Sold 79 items in my Etsy shop!

10. Create more products to generate revenue - through Cafe Press, Lulu, Shutterfly, Imagekind, etc.
I created and sold a multitude of personalized mugs. I did not create any more Lulu or Shutterfly products. I am not too thrilled with Imagekind, I had some customers have problems ordering so I haven't bothered much with that site.

11. Use connections already established - I have met and know some great people and need to utilize the opportunities I have been offered.

12. EBAY - learn it, do it, at least 5 pieces
I choose not to do this.

13. Find better solutions for framing overhead
I purchased gallery wrap canvases and solved this problem.

14, Artist Residency - find viable ones that I can afford
I put this on hold due to family commitments.

15. Apply to Who’s Who
I chose not to do this, a few conflicting advisements.

17. Build Capitol by Building Sales
YES!and buy more supplies to keep doing what I do!

18 Visit more galleries and museums
Ehh ...not as much as I would have liked...

19. Continue my positive practices; blogging, social network medias, newsletters, postcards, mailing lists, attending exhibits, build the tribe and pay tribute to patrons, etc

20. Inspire, share, mentor and give both art and art business/marketing, I teach, mentor and give workshops.

Ok that wasn't so bad.... 2009. It was rocky, with the loss of my Dad. My first born daughter got married! The US economy impacted most of our lives. My hair has been red, brunette and blond. A year of trials and tribulations but with accomplishments. In fact a lot of wonderful things happened for me and my career this year. I am filled with gratitude. I have a new line of Fine Art bags and accessories. I was in magazines and newspapers. I won awards. My territory expanded, which was my main goal. With that came the most amazing unforeseen blessings - the incredible people I have met, my art collectors, circle of creatives, business, and social, friends and acquaintances. In my decision to lower overhead, and make shipping easier I migrated to working in acrylics and I love it! I have developed a fresh style, that feels so natural and expressive. I can't tell you where it will lead to next but I closed off the year being listed in the Florida International Magazine's Florida Artist Hall of Fame so let's see what tomorrow brings and please continue to join me on my Visual Journey.
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Charlene Brown said...

What a well thought-out set of goals! And you've done a brilliant job of fulfilling them... If I ever summon up the nerve to try selling my work, I'll look to your list for inspiration. Thank you for sharing it.

Lori Watts said...

Just found this blog via Twitter and I am glad I did! It's inspiring.

Kerri said...

Robin - it sounds like you did a FANTASTIC job with your 2009 goals.

I am so sorry that you lost your Dad this year....both of my parents have been having health problems and every day I have them is a blessing.

I feel like I am a result of your goal have given me so much encouragement and I appreciate it so so much!

Hope 2010 is Wonderful for you!

Karen Terry, Artist/Designer said...

I love you, Robin! You are my inspiration. You are one very talented, beautiful person with a personality that always cheers me up and makes me smile when I get in doom and gloom mode. :) I thank God often for sharing you with His world!

I feel great things for you in 2010. May God Bless You! and May His Guardian Angels watch over you and guide you on your journey!


Nancy Moskovitz, artist said...

Good for you! You are an inspiration.