Friday, December 04, 2009

Yes I love my job!

Yesterday I shared with you part of my job as a working independent artist by showing you a trip to the framer. Later today I will be back at the framers picking up the finished pieces to ship them. I enjoy what I do. I thought I would give you a broader perspective by sharing a day so you can see the wide spectrum of my business. My day is a mix of business in person, online, marketing, tasks, and making art.

A shipment of 6 Joyful Fine Art bags arrived. YEA!! I just luv this picture!
I notified the shops who are selling them. Updated them in my etsy shop,
then wrapped the recently sold ones in tissue paper and raffia.
Then I wrap them in bubble wrap, with some added goodies for my customer.
I weigh the box, select shipping, print out the label and drive to the post office.

Next make art! Shown above is a few layers of acrylic paint on a gallery wrap canvas in progress "Paris Promise". I paint listening to music, with Max my shui tzu in the studio, birds by my windows, and my computer nearby to tweet on twitter.

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Lille Diane said...

Your work is inspiring! Fabulous colors, Robin. My kitty hangs out in my studio, too. He has his own chair but prefers my lap. I look forward to seeing more of your talent~

Rita said...

Love the pic of the purses too! Awesome work. rita w (uwib)

~ellen~ said...

Thanks for these little peeks into the day of an artist, I love it.

What kind of music do you listen to? I've been working on a novel lately, and while writing I've been listening to several British artists (no one in my novel is British, so I don't know why) like Lily Allen, Duffy, Adele and Nick Drake.