Friday, January 08, 2010

Get a Stole My Heart Chocolate bar

Yes you can receive a limited edition Stole My Heart chocolate bar
with a $20 purchase from me!
You can buy online from either
or in person (by appointment) like my collector Karen did today.
She was happily surprised to be the first recipient to
receive a fine art chocolate bar with her purchase.
Any combination of cards, prints, and aceos that total a purchase of $20 or more
and sweet chocolate is also included in your order!

My packaged prints, in a clear plastic envelope, with piece of mat board for support and my bio sheet on the back.
The prints (giclees) are all hand titled and signed.
The inks are guaranteed to last over 200 years!

Thinking of a gift?Valentines? I gift wrap! Free! just ask!

Interested in having custom made chocolate wrappers? Favors by Dorinda

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ArtSnark said...

what a cute (& tasty) idea!

Abbe A said...

super idea, always good to learn from such a wonderful mentor! Abbe

Kathy said...

What a delish idea!