Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Artist as Art Collector

I've had my eye on this piece for sometime.
Each time I see it I like it, and soooo I bought it!
 Apocalypse Series: Purple Haze v2 12" x 12" x 1.5"
 © 2009 Christy Sobolewski (

I just want to chat a little about what makes someone buy a piece of art.
Artists in general might go through a personal battle with what to paint in order to sell.
Asking themselves and others on subject matter, color, style, size, and possible deciding factors.
Paint what's in your heart.
This particular piece meets me at my heartsong space, where subject,color, style
and yes also size and price but topping that list
is that I like the artist, Christy. 
 I met her on twitter. We tweet.
 She ordered a custom Fine Art Bag as a Christmas gift.
As we continued to build a relationship,
it made me want the piece more.
I love the layers and the cracks.
 Could you guess that one of her tools in making this piece is a discarded credit card?

And there is something harsh and cold about the way the paint goes down when you are applying it with a credit card. That combined with the bright colors and the subject gives me a nice sense of contrast or juxtaposition (I love finding ways to use that word). Christy Sobolewski

see I knew you'd like her too..she was raised on a sailboat until school age.
 how cool is that!
.find more of her world here at

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Tammy Vitale said...

I am an artist. My home is full of other people's art. Mine goes to shops and fairs and galleries - not my walls (well, a few favorites over the years. I'm worse with jewelry...somehow it just appears in my jewelry rack and never makes it back to sell). I love having the energy of other artists around me - it's totally inspiring!

Martha Marshall said...

Robin, you are so right!! Some of my very favorite pieces in my collection are by artist friends of mine, not just something I saw in a shop. And many of my collectors are artists themselves.

When I get to know an artist on a personal level, even online, it makes me want to have something they created.

Good for you for supporting Çhristy's beautiful art and sharing your thoughts about it!

Kirsten said...

Wonderful post Robin! Fascinating work by Christy, very pretty..... You are so right..... knowing an artist on a personal level really adds a new dimension to understanding and enjoying their work....

Because you are so inspiring to me, have a wonderfully happy and creative blog, I am passing on the "Sunshine Blog Award" to you! I look forward to enjoying more of your beautiful posts and amazing creativity! And I’m encouraging my readers to follow your blog as well…….. Thanks for the inspiration!