Saturday, February 27, 2010

Garden of Love

This painting was created as a gift from a groom to his bride.
I am very pleased to make it available as a print.
"Garden of Love" by Robin Maria Pedrero

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Paper Squid said...

Really enjoy your work Robin. The colors & forms are very bright and free.

One Heart Jewelry said...

This is so beautiful, Robin! Thank you for sharing your lovely art!

Odd Chick said...

I thought I ran into you at a retreat. I was LIke YES, YES, I know you- I've been to your blog and love your paintings... but later I went to Robin Maria's blog and it was not you!! I just faked it after that.. but oh my, maybe one day I'll get to meet the real

Flowers said...

I am amazed to see the painting "Garden of love". It looks awesome. You are a creative person and a blessed artist. Flowers and birds in the painting are well illustrated.

Dee said...

It's beautiful Robin!! I just love your work :) and I'm sure the bride will treasure it forever...what a wonderful gift idea!