Sunday, March 21, 2010

Here's a peek at 3 of the crows in a row

3 crows in a row. You've been introduced to two, the one in the center is nicknamed Percy..

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RHCarpenter said...

Love your blackbirds and glad I found your blog :) I've been in a crow phase lately and seem to be doing nothing but crows. Your use of India Ink gives me ideas!

Lrc said...

Its really funny because I was just reading an awesome book called 'Crow Planet' before I saw this post! I find them to be interesting birds. I like how they so clearly stand out from the background yet it is just as beautiful.

Gainor said...

Hi Robin...I love your crows! Great work.

Kathy said...

The three of them as a set look great!

Leah said...

oh i love this! sparrows would look beautiful in something like this too.