Saturday, April 24, 2010

Abstract Beginnings

If you have been following me here you might be more accustomed to seeing finished pieces more often. Working large takes much more time, more layers, bigger brushes, and lots of paint!
I did finish a piece yesterday, it was drying into the night. Photos of these large pieces will all take place on the same day, or through the course of two days if it takes that long. Above you can see yet another beginning. I had placed this aside, as in accordance with my creative process; I begin several, study them, work with 2 or three, focus on one, work with a few, focus on another, going back again and again, still working yet giving myself that space to be objective. It is a diptych and I am musing over the idea of adding another panel to make it a triptych.
I like this one in many places just as it is… but it will be evolving for more depth and layers and continuity for Continuum.

still counting down to the May 13 opening..
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Maria-Thérèse said...

I find it SO hard to put something aside and wait until I can work on it again! Do you have any advice at all for someone who loves to paint but lacks patience? Who's discovered that paint will turn into a brown mess if you won't let it dry? ;)

Robin Maria Pedrero said...

Yes, that is exactly why I work on multiple pieces, to keep working but not on the same piece. Try it..Keep several sizes..many small pieces near you to grab when you need to let paint dry or need to let something be for some objective distance.