Monday, April 12, 2010

Painting in Progress on the Porch

Some days it’s just too nice to paint inside..and when working on larger canvases a larger space like my screened in porch is a little easier to maneuver several large pieces. One drawback out there is I have to be neat compared to in the studio where I can let paint fly without a care of splatters on the floor, so I moved them all back in to the studio because it was too inhibiting and the weather is getting a little warm.

These two pieces look a lot different now...they will be part of my exhibit at the Steinway Gallery.
This is a sneak peek ~ I share these on my facebook fan page often as requested.

I am a new contributor to Watch Me Create where I will be sharing more on creativity and inspiration.
This is my first post which is an intro
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Jaime Lyerly said...

I paint on my balcony but basically it is because I have my encaustic wax set up out there. No time for painting this week for me, so I will have to live through you!

Thanks for sharing the info about the Watch Me Create site. I am very interested in seeing what happens there and to see you progress. Would love to participate one plate is heaping right now.

Jaime Lyerly

Joanna said...

that is a beautiful piece.