Thursday, April 29, 2010

Titles can take time

Yes truly I have sometimes spent two months mulling over a title. It seems a little ridiculous to some perhaps, but that is my reality. Some pieces the title is bam! that is it final, done deal. Others... waver back and forth...I take input from family, students, fans and art collectors. The piece above "It ain't a fable baby" was coined after brainstorming what I was expressing in the piece with students and credit goes to Dana Schmidt, who I mentor. I still have a few titles to come up with for Continuum pieces. I try not to have reoccurring titles. I think a good title is necessary for my work, preferring not to list untitled with a number. When 2020 comes rolling in we'll talk about titles again. lol
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Lesley said...

I often can't finish a painting if I haven't come up with a title yet...sometimes it does take a long time!

Lrc said...

Titles are my sometimes takes me a long time to come up with a name or more often I just get impatient and come up with one on the fly. Usually, I have help with titles...many times other people see something that you haven't. Lovely painting, you really layer images beautifully!