Friday, May 07, 2010

Saturday May 5, 2010 Orlando Sentinel; Terry Hummel on Visual Arts

Here's the page with Terry Hummel on Visual Arts in the Orlando Sentinel
featuring my work at The Steinway!
Here's the link so you can read his column

here's a link to my May 2010 Newsletter
which is posted on my newsletter blog for easy access

On twitter when I shared about the being featured in Terry's column, 
Chris Collin author of the Indian Himalayan novel:
Valley of Flowers tweeted in regard to Continuum
"Colors/ the objects, done w/ great confidence. On teal verticals, they work. Color appeals, allows in light, and affect on viewer is necessary curiosity. Lastly, Robin, love the line-...drawing. Black leaves give painting depth, contrast, balance. Well done"
remember twitter is 140 characters or less..

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1 comment:

Sheona Hamilton Grant said...

Great summary of your work...couldn't have put it better myself. Mastering a 140 characters is also an art in itself ;)