Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Detours and Right of Way

I often speak about detours, some end up as delightful adventures, while others just throw you off the path.(Those are the ones that are so frustrating) I am still feeling a bit detoured by recently being hit in a vehicular accident. I am seeking order.. to my schedule and my space like the piece above states...an inspiration from a few weeks ago when I enjoyed a visit to The Harn Museum, a place I hadn't been to in 9 years! It'd been way too long. I walked earnestly into the S.F.I. Exhibition Hall for the exhibit of 25 artists from Latin America, Africa and the USA. The history, culture and methods of communicating via choice of media struck me as I worked my way around the room. In particular in gaining my repeated attention was a piece that hung from a suspended grid making a new space via hanging geometic green plexi (I think) and photos and a gigantic wall quilt from metal bottle caps and liquor bottle metal. I made my way through the Asian Collection where I found much inspiration as I am influenced by Asian art in my own art and I use sumie brushes. Another body of work which was heart touching, Bea Nettles' Life Lessons :A Mother's Journal. A photographic journal where for me she captured not just moments but blocks of time or experiences. Then came a surprise, I almost skipped the next exhibit, America at Work:Art and Propaganda in the Early 20th Century. It didn't sound like anything I'd be interested in. I'd seen those Rosie posters and liked her but..? It was the easiest way to exit so I meandered through and THE POSTERS Commanded my attention. I was amazed at how relevant they are to us today, while back then the form of communication was the poster, now with life coaches, social network media tweets and facebook comments sharing similar sentiments in uplifting quotes or advice to make us all the wiser.

This last one reminds me of our efforts in America to go green
and create gardens locally and support our troops.

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MK said...

What a treat! The posters are so appealing - I see two that I'd like to hang in my studio (about ORDER and saving MONEY). Ha! Thanks for sharing, and hope you are feeling more back to normal (whatever that is) soon. MK