Thursday, June 24, 2010

Getting Green

Moods and feelings effect the creation of art..they are part of art.
We artists are emotional sponges.
Saturday while driving my truck I was hit from behind, jarred and sore and with a damaged truck my evening studio time reflected I was feeling the blue sense of the word. I acted on it. I invested and recycled the feelings into several pieces which were in progress. I am careful not to incapacitate myself in fear of making changes or moving forward with a piece of art in progress. I trust my intuition and instincts, and move forward. Some refer to this fearless process as art coming out of failures. I see a positive learning experience which evolves into creative solutions and often success even if it doesn't initially seem so. I'll pause here, as I had to pause in question when I let this dry overnight, and will share how I continued with this piece in another post.
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Nancy Medina said...

These are lovely Robin, I am so glad you are okay. Isn't it amazing how life events can impact our art directly. It makes me wonder about artists who have lived through wars and tragedies...

Pastella said...

I really like your work. It's very colourful, creative and original. You are very talented.



Elizabeth Seaver said...

Sorry to hear about your accident. I love the way you took the experience and used it in your creative process.