Saturday, July 17, 2010

Drying Art

Or should I say the Art of Drying?
It is quite humid and the paintings were varnished and dry but still tacky so I popped them in front of a fan before delivering them to the Orlando Museum of Art Gift Shop.

I went downtown Orlando to City Arts Factory, to see the preview of the Red Chairs and my artist friend's works and Gallery at Avalon Island for 3rd Thursday. 

Friday I went to Deland to
Open House & Main street DeLand Tropical Nights, to Meet the Artists of “Witness To Creativity”
I went to see my friend Martha Lent (who I was so busy talking to I didn't get a pic) and meet artists I often hear about and some new ones too! I greatly enjoyed the in progress installations of

Jean Banas, New Smyrna Beach, Fl,Raina Benoit, St. Petersburg, Fl,Frances Gardner, Lancaster, SC,
Grace Leal, Cocoa Beach, Fl, Martha Lent, Winter Park, Fl, Kathy O’Meara, Port Orange, Fl, Beau Wild, Port Orange, Fl
Jean Banas and Kathy O'Meara

Frances Gardner and her assistant and my friend and artist Pat Zalisko

I was amazed at the stories behind the installations.
These above were just two of the phenomenal works!
Watching art being made can be very inspiring. It allows the viewer to see the process in action instead of just the finished product. Such an opportunity happens beginning on Friday, July 16. Six art installations will be in-process through the weekend culminating in an exhibition that will remain in place until the end of August. The public can engage the artists about their projects, work methods and messages. Museum curator, David Swoyer is excited about the idea “There will be an interesting mix between artists and visitors which is a great way to have art understood. Dialogue about a conceptual work while it is being made actually becomes part of the work. We will be documenting and posting on our website the daily progress and interchange.”

Florida Museum for Women Artists 100 N. Woodland Blvd. Suite 1DeLand, Fl 32720
Phone: 386.873.2976

AND after that I went to the Wolfe Gallery who exhibits and sells my pastels. While there I bought some art!
Here's the artist himself  Mr. Wolfe holding my new whimsical crow!

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