Saturday, July 24, 2010

Within Sight


Although started the same this one has a different feeling for me. From the very first layer I had a human element in there, that black spot in the distance is a person. Part of the reason it took me a bit to title this piece. There's a human element entering into the natural world. That's from the bird's perspective or if you are in the shoes of the human back there you see the bird..both within sight.

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6 x 6 $60
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Kerri said...


Lrc said...

I like the feeling of it too, the bird is peering out from behind the flowers in a tentative shadows too.

Porch Days said...

Very interesting. It took me moment to find the person in the background. I like the way the bird is tucked in behind the plants, as if he is shy.

Mary said...

This is a lovely piece, Robin--I like the layers (here and in some of your other recent work) and the way it gradually reveals itself to the viewer.