Thursday, August 12, 2010

Continuing to Share some AMAZING Adventures

I have to start off with my most favorite part of the trip. The Branson Zipline!!!
I explored the Ozarks via zipline then I went on the Blue Streak where the zip begins approximately 25 feet above the top of the mountain. As you soar toward the 100 foot zip line tower at the base of Wolfe Mountain, you will reach exhilarating speeds and an approximate height of 150 feet above the ground! Then You free fall...just walk off the 100 ft tower and drop! Incredible!!

This memorial is ingenious! If you are in NOLA it's a must see,not far from the aquarium near the river walk.

I was speechless at the Oklahoma City Memorial. I crossed the street to see the front of the statue whose back was to the memorial and found this.
At Christ's feet is the shortest bible verse "And Jesus Wept", so did I.

Here I am standing in Texas and Arkansas in the town of Texarkana.

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Kirsten said...

So glad you are enjoying yourself Robin! Nothing like new adventures and travels to recharge your creativity battery! I bet you have a ton of new ideas just waiting to make their way to canvas!! I look forward to it! BTW.... I had the prints I bought from you matted and framed and they look gorgeous in my staircase landing!! I so love them! :) Have a great weekend! Kirsten

AmandaRose said...

Looks like a great time! I like the name of the town! :-)