Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Success and Rejection

 I post a lot of successes, sales, awards, honors etc. I also share bloopers, oops, and rejections. I share this knowing my experiences might help someone else who reads it. A few weeks ago I shared on facebook and twitter that a local company decided my work was not a right fit for their business of print production for their hotel hospitality industry. While away on vacation I received notice of rejection from a show. I can't always win..or get accepted or fit every venue or product but I can try.
My process for applying for a show varies (gallery or museum). Fees, timing, theme, medium, ease, status, perks and investment all play a role in my decision to apply. Earlier in my career I entered a lot of award shows; hence I won many awards. I presently focus more on status, sales opportunities, or venue opportunities. Although I will admit the ribbons continue to line my walls near the ceiling, who doesn't like to win!  I remember awaiting some of the decision letters in snail mail years ago, it arrives with your own handwriting SASE, to reveal a yea or nea. Now... 3 or 4 lines in an email, which I reread trying to decipher where I went wrong, or how I could have secured a positive outcome for myself. Or a more professional email like the one I just received
The XXXXX Gallery would like to thank you for submitting your work for the XXXXX exhibition. Our jurors reviewed 246 works anonymously and chose 64 pieces for inclusion into the show. We were extremely pleased by the high level of professionalism, technique, and quality demonstrated in the entries by Florida artists.

Although we did not choose your work at this time, we hope that you will consider submitting again in the future. We welcome any feedback you have for us at XXXXXXon our process of the electronic application.

Please join us for the opening reception on Friday, XXXX and the exhibition will run through the month of XXXX. Thank you again, we wish you the very best in your professional artistic endeavors.

See that's pleasant enough..yes. And not too painful. You may ask don't they know you are going to exhibit in Berlin? don't they know bla blah blah..insert your own thoughts..well none of that matters. I am blessed to have been in the shoes of the judges. And as a judge and juror I know the process, and numerous elements in consideration.

So I dust myself off.

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Jaime Haney aka ArtsyFartsy.Me said...

I really do like to read your posts, because I really do learn from you and get something out of what you have to say. I appreciate your honesty in revealing your rejections as well as your success. Fear of rejection has and can be debilitating for me. I think it is truly a lucky few who honestly don't care what people think, the rest of us are still hoping for a little acceptance in this world.

Love your new profile picture. Was your hair always so red? I love it!

Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson said...

Robin, the "dust myself off" comment is some advice I give many artists. I think the other thing we need to remember is that this rejections not personal. We have to remember that art is subjective. I have submitted the same piece and had it rejected from one show and win accolades in another! So to be an artist, we must have a thick skin, learn not to take it personal, and never be afraid to put our work out there for consideration!