Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Vacation was like Amazing Race!

One of my favorite TV shows is the adventure reality The Amazing Race. Our vacation had some wonderful fun, odd, poignant and classic American experiences. First we drove from Florida through Alabama, Mississippi to New Orleans. While there we had the odd experience of eating a cricket cookie at the Insectarium. Yup I ate it, and some meal worms, and a chocolate covered cricket from their kitchen which serves insects! When I look at this picture I can't believe I ate it! Bug Appetit by day and Cafe du Monde at night.
One of the eerie moments of the drive came as we traveled the bridges prior to eating insects...
 as you looked out on to the water there were no was vapid..sad...
I could not visibly see oil.... I was divided ... driving a vehicle
and felt helpless, deceived, angry and perplexed..all at once
then further into New Orleans the still damaged homes and buildings from Katrina
scattered and untouched. NOLA is one resilient town!

The race has just begun..vacation doesn't end here...there's still diamonds in them thar hills..
and super hero's not to be confused with superflys...(con't)
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