Saturday, September 18, 2010

Week #4: An Interview With Robin Maria Pedrero on Quality for Us

I met @TemporalFlush on twitter this past year. Otherwise known as Mark Parker, he asked me to join him and co -host, Heather Maher, to record an interview for their show on Wednesday. 
So grab a favorite beverage, pick up your brushes, or have listen while on the elliptical machine -  there's a lot of information shared AND it's about an hour long, mixed with wonderful music from David Alcorn & Alice Woods. You can start and pause it along the way too. I did, we went for ice cream half way through and I came back to share it with you.

This first link takes you to their site, where you can see the art we discuss and the links, then while there hit the orange button that takes you to a new window
Press PLAY.
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