Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Process: Gesso and Painting in Series

This post is in response to artist and published author Marilyn Sholin's questions
You always seem to produce a lot of work quickly and are very organized to get them online quickly. I know you told me you are photographing them yourself on a table I think. Can you help me with a little workflow questions?

Do you always paint the original the same size to make it easier to resize and have continuity? I find myself painting all kinds of sizes and then I have to resize to odd sizes sometimes. Seems like a time waster.

If you have any other organizational tips for me, it would really help.
I responded to her
I photograph outside. I always have pieces in progress. I work in a system of series.
I used to paint all kinds of sizes. I do have a variety. I have found continuity works best for a show.
 and told her I would elaborate more of  my process here as I am asked these types of questions often.
 I share  IN Progress shots here in my blog and often on facebook.
Here's a variety to scroll through to get a concept of how I work in this link to blog posts

My starting process effects the end results.
I begin with a set of prestretched canvas or linen and I gesso them. I use the gesso to create movement and texture as well. Here above are 3 of 16 canvases, these are 24" x 24" which have just been gessoed. I usually begin to paint with 12 to 20 canvases in similar sizes. Sometimes it is 8" x8"'s 6" x 6"'s and 5" x 5". Another set is 10" x 10"'s and 12" x 12". Another is 16" x 20" and 18" x 24". I usually have 3 sets of series going or some stragglers in the series that are unfinshed going on in my studio.
Begin the series, paint the series, finish the series, photograph the series, database the series,
market the series originals and prints, create products, and sell all.
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How good of you to share.
Process is everything.

I just picked up some black Gesso, and it seems to find it's way every where!

simone leblanc said...

you do sure do love crows, lovely work ;)

Marilyn Sholin said...

You are the AWESOME one sharing your step by step process is more meaningful than you know. Thank you THANK YOU for being the sharing person you are!