Monday, November 22, 2010

The Venture of the Chameleon

Jackson's Chameleon 36" x 48" acrylic and india ink

Sometimes and most often a painting can take a while to evolve. I don't just focus on one piece and wait for it. I continue to paint other pieces. This painting is one of those pieces where seven months of contemplation brought just the right image to the story. It began with quite a simple scene somewhat like emerging from a cave as seen in this sneak peek last April.

I tried to keep a simple uncluttered scene, yet something kept nagging at me to finish the piece more, despite my resistance to try to keep it simple. I even exhibited the painting in a solo show as "Venture" as seen completed below.

I "thought" it was finished. Shown here in the place where I photograph my large originals, on my fence. Six months later in my process the story continued to build within the painting. Much of my inspiration comes from being in the woods where often it's just magical. So I continued, adding the staircase, my mind thought of  homeless and displaced people, and sometimes how even those with homes feel displaced and alone. I thought of steps to nowhere and steps to a heavenly place. I thought about how people change in their environments and learn to adapt somewhat like chameleons and if there was any breed to select to paint, it would be my favorite Jackson's Chameleons. I implemented design and color as I placed botanical subjects randomly chosen and not of any common place. The chameleon is layered in dots of colors, and for something that tries to blend in , it stands out simply by it's nature. I make up stories of how the chameleon got there and I think we can all identify with it at some point in our lives, regarding fitting in, displacement, homelessness or adaptation.

The original is available for purchase and prints are available in my etsy shop
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one heart said...

Thanks for showing how one of your paintings evolves. Very interesting! And of course I love this one! Happy Thanksgiving :-)