Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Moonlight Meeting

The light of the moon awakens me, actually it was the lighthouse effect of my husbands droid blink blink blinking and I am in the studio yet another early morning with my pc, the bookkeeping, paints, brushes and canvas as unwrapped gifts tug on me to go wrap them and in the distance I hear the hum of the traffic on I 4.
A cup of hot buttered rum tea (non alcoholic), a tweet here or there, responding to emails and facebook. Thinking maybe I could try to go back to sleep but ohhh I could do this...or that.... Amazing how good I feel having kept up with my bookkeeping all year long, the consistency has paid off, I am not frantic to get it done and I knew exactly where I was at all year long. All my holiday shipments are off and under trees around the world. I find it so much fun to be a part of other people's surprises.
Smiling as I am glad for family, home, and health reflecting on the past year. It's been so nice to interact with friends from years past on facebook too. Far off places became closer and new friendships have formed via social network media and I cherish these relationships. I am like an elf ready to skip gleefully into a shiny new year that is not completely unwritten as I 've booked exhibits and have new goals.
My wish is that our hearts grow three times larger as the holiday's swirl about us and the spirit of the true gift of Christmas fills us and that we stay that way throughout the new year as nothing is impossible with love. May your gifts be everlasting in your heart, and filled with the song of joy that Christ was born. Merry Christmas!
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Susan Roux said...

What a beautiful post. I love your descriptions. I felt as if I was there in your studio with you. Odd I read this as I'm at my computer while the house sleeps. Do you think its the creative mind that makes us rise so early? The thoughts start to twirl around in our heads and sleep is the last thing that will come...

Have wonderful holidays.

Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson said...

Robin, this is beautiful!

Robin Maria Pedrero said...

Yes Susan, I awake with my my swirling of creating. I do think our creative minds keep us active.
Thank you for the Holiday Wishes.

Aspiring Images By Rachel said...

Love this. I look forward to sharing this next coming year with you! We aren't far from each other- just an hour. Maybe some day we could do a creative meetup :-)

Stay warm (FL's cold lately!!) and enjoy your holidays.

Frangipan said...

Great post and I love art work a lot! I'm glad somebody tweeted your blog link.