Monday, January 10, 2011

Accountability for 2010 Goals

"Something Borrowed Something Blue"
In June I posted the Halfway Point of my goals. Here's what I proposed last January followed by the end of the year results in italics.

1. Fine Tune my artistic voice; Yes this is an ongoing process and I feel I made progress here in my acrylic works.

2. Apply for Museum shows; I applied to a few and was accepted to the Lake Eustis Museum juried exhibit, and my work is in their permanent collection. And also exhibited at the Seminole Museum and the Sketchbook Project at the Brooklyn Museum.  My work was in the Museum for Florida Art (fundraiser) Orlando Museum's 1st Thursday, and The Florida Museum for Women Artists Gift Shop.

3. Maintain present Galleries; YES, Celebrations Gallery, CT,Gallery 17.92, FL, Juxtapose, NJ, Galeria Tonatazin, CA,Wolfe Gallery, FL. I produced new work for several of these venues.(although 2 venues are no longer applicable)
4. Expand to new territory in other states (exhibits, shows, art centers, galleries, museums) I spent some time personally visiting galleries and venues in Chicago, North Carolina, New Orleans, Missouri, and Georgia. I researched yet have not produced or distributed packages to the galleries.  I was contacted by a Coffeehouse in Alabama, Heritage House,who now carries my mugs and art.

5. Exhibit at more Galleries and venues in Florida   I do want to expand to more galleries. I applied to a few central Florida venues for specific shows and was rejected. I lost my focus when I had decided to participate in an event which I later declined.

6. Create and document 80 new pieces of work (for sale not counting studies) - This is where I run into trouble with accountability, and if I wait for accurate totals I might not get a goal post in this month. My database shows 120 pieces entered for 2010,  knowing for sure I did not enter them all yet. It was hard for me to adhere to the listed goals as to specific sizes because the demands of the museums, galleries and venues determined many of the sizes I produced. I have several 16 x 20's ,18 x 24 's and over 15 20 x 20's in progress, with more than 15 30" plus, and I am just not sure how many small pieces, but they are numerous. I will arrive at the accurate numbers eventually.

7. Continue to market work online and in products -This was my main focus

8. Prepare EARLY for the Holidays and Promotions - I prepared works of art for the holidays, as well as promotional cards, note cards, postcards, bags and pouches. I did several email and USPS mail campaigns.

9. Organize and back up data - Yes! well somewhat organized, I photographed yet I fell behind in databasing my art. I did accomplish staying on top of my bookkeeping!! I am so very pleased with that! It made such a big difference in my business to do the bookkeeping every week.

10. Online Venues - Etsy - sell 100 items/1000 markets sell 15 -  I sold 65 pieces in my Etsy Shop and 2 in 1000 markets however 1000 markets closed

11. Build Capitol by Building Sales - I invested my earnings back into my business.

12. Visit more galleries and museums - YES, I traveled to Chicago and spent the entire time in galleries and art museums, The Harn in Gainesville, and many galleries in New Orleans, North Carolina, and Georgia.

13. Continue my positive practices; blogging, social network medias, newsletters, postcards, mailing lists, attending exhibits, build the tribe and pay tribute to patrons. Yes I accomplished all of this... my facebook fanpage has grown to 1660 "likes" and I have over 10,000 followers on twitter. My patrons receive tokens of appreciation.

14. Inspire, share, mentor and give Yes I continue to share and build relationships, encouraging in social networks, in my community and in my studio.

15. Maintain present Museum Gift Shops - Yes, Orlando Museum Of Art, Maitland Art Center,
Florida Museum of Art(the book sold, need to apply to have art in shop) PLUS I am now in the Florida Museum for Women Artists gift shop.

16. Prepare to make Dreams come true for NY and a Big Event.(not sure what it is)- Well I had a BIG Event and spent months focusing on it then I decided it was not right for me, I am pursuing more, yet it really preoccupied a lot of my time and focus.

17. Make more art videos - I did not complete this goal, small snippets, a few in progress pieces but not in line with my intentions. I did have a preliminary meeting with a professional video/filmmaker and we intend to make a How To Video.

Upcoming...accomplishments and I guess I'd better make some more goals....I haven't gotten to that yet. I am also considering a word for the year in following some of my friends' lead.  

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Maria said...


PoetessWug said...

In some areas you sound a little critical of your accomplishments...or was it that you were just saying what happened?! From where I sit it looks like you did pretty GOOD!!! :-]

Robin Maria Pedrero said...

Yes PoetessWug I am critical of my accomplishments. I am very tough on myself. I am my own my boss. And I have high aspirations. I pushed myself to go through this yesterday and when I finished I felt unsatisfied. I was just talking with my friend Lisa Call telling her I am going to make an accomplishemnt list and spring forward from that to a new goal list for 2011.